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Are you in a relationship? Tricky things aren't they.

As human beings we're obsessed by them, and not that I want to get all Cartesian this morning, I do want to hammer home the point that relationships are fundamental to the human experience; if there's a new way to create them with your customers - you should probably pursue it.

90% Of Customers Will Recommend Brands After Social Media Interactions

This was actually a pretty large study - 4,500 surveys and sponsored by some major brands. 

The big takeaway was that the social media accounts were the only place where people could actually interact with the companies and that interaction developed relationships, which led to sales.

Relationships require work

our social media stream is kind of like a public access television channel; most of the time it gets sent out and nobody watches it, but then someone hears about you and they decide to tune in.  But unlike the TV channel, when people look at your social media stream, they see your historical record.

Your Tweets, your images, your Facebook activity;  everything that you spent months creating with zero interaction or feedback is now reviewed and assessed by a potential customer in seconds.  And here's the best bit, unlike the TV channel, if they like what they see they can reach out through the same medium of social media and interact with you.  This is awesome!

But I'm not a big brand and I don't have time

I have several clients who initially  "hated" the idea of social media and who have now made it part of their working lives; it's only difficult until you decide you need to do it.

I work with business owners to fit them with the right strategies and tools to make social media part of their digital marketing plan.  If you're ready to get started - get in touch

Written while listening to:  Insanity | July 2013 | Music to create flow

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