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Are You Married?

Maybe you've got a spouse, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, hell any kind of friend will do - but if you've developed a relationship with another human being then you should have this internet marketing thingy down.

Alone on the playground with no friends.  Is this your social media marketing experience?

Alone on the playground with no friends.  Is this your social media marketing experience?

Right now you're that new boy at school looking at the strangers on the playground, you're that girl at the new gym wondering if you're going to fit in. Sure some nice person might come over and say hi, or someone you already know may introduce you to their friends, but in most cases, you have to reach out yourself.

I don't know about you but I hate the whole "networking" thing - particularly here in America where the stereotype of a walking smile attached to a pair of plaid pants overpowers you with their "Hey - how are you - I'm Brad - let me tell you about me!" still exists.

Be a Joiner

The best way to meet people online is to join a group.  If you're active on a social network like Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest or even better nowadays, Google+ - you're going to find people just like you who are eager to read and share good information about the industry.  (And yes - there are quite a few carpentry communities!)

Develop relationships

Once you've joined a group don't leap in and start posting, listen for  a while,  read what the group has to say, work out who's who and what kind of information tends to resonate.  Share stuff you like, re-tweet, re-post, re-pin and then one day - if you see a post from someone you like and respect (and who maybe has a big following,) add a comment - not a "me too" comment, but a considered sentence or two that adds value to the post.

After  while you'll no longer be an outsider looking in - you'll be part of the group - you'll have developed relationships with others and when you finally submit something of your own, it will be accepted by the group and shared.

Reality Check

Those of us in long term relationships know that they take time, that they often start in peculiar ways and that after the initial rush require attention and nurturing.  Looking after your online relationships is the best way to ensure that your content gets distributed to a wider audience.  Until you become a rock star in your field it's a two way street; if you're not investing time growing your network you're going to lose out to people who are.

If you'd like to see how this approach can work for you and your business, get in touch and let's have a chat.


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