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Be the Plate Spinner




Everything takes time

Facebook personal and business pages, Google+, LinkedIn groups, Pinterest pins, Quora questions, Twitter, your blog; if you could just find the time to do all of them you & your content would be everywhere and the clients would be rolling in.

You can’t do everything at once

Unless you can afford a dedicated digital marketing resource, the reality is that you can’t be everywhere. Instead of spreading yourself too thin and having a poor presence across all platforms, pick one and see how it works for your business.

Be the plate spinner

A plate spinner doesn’t start by spinning everything at the same time; she focuses on one plate, setting it up and getting it spinning correctly and then moves onto the next one. The energy required to maintain a spinning plate is far less than that needed to establish it.

Editorial calendar?

If you’re working with an Editorial Calendar (if not why not?) you could allocate a network to each month & build your platform presence around your monthly theme.

If you would like to know how to do this, reply to this email and book a session.

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