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Clarity – how to grow your business - fast

Knowledge is growing exponentially

The world is exploding with information – every week there’s a new tool, a new school of thought, a new data-set to be absorbed and lessons to be applied.

You either know or you don’t

Doctors and Lawyers are able to charge huge hourly rates because the difference between knowing and getting it wrong could be your business, your reputation, hell even your life.

Mobile Digital Footprints

It’s all about access and trust; with the near ubiquitous penetration of the smart phone and savvy business people developing digital footprints on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter; it’s easy to identify and contact the people who can help your business.

Time is money

Sometimes you just need 10 minutes with an expert to see a problem differently – even if it was at $10 a minute – that $100 could end up saving you a fortune

Is an exchange where you can search for and book phone calls with people who are experts in their field. It’s still early days and the expert pool reflects the start up culture of Silicon Valley, but it should grow to cover all areas of life.

This is not another social network that you need to invest time in but a real tool that could help grow your business – check it out –

You’re an expert

I would suggest you register yourself – chances are if you’re running a successful business – someone’s going to find your time and expertise valuable; plus, it’s a great way to meet new clients.

In the meantime, if you want to tackle that marketing project you’ve been putting off for months, reply to this email and book a session.


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