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Do something nice for someone

Go find a blog post that someone else has written, a post that you really enjoyed - and interact with it: comment on it, share it across your networks, hell maybe even blog about it; do something that if it was reciprocated, you’d be stoked.

You are reading other blogs, aren’t you?

Seriously, if you can’t immediately think of a post or a website that you’d go to – you’re doing it wrong.

Content strategy is as much about listening as it is creating and publishing. Not only does listening increase your breadth of knowledge and give you a wider range of topics to write about, it identifies like minded people, people who are likely to enjoy and share your content too!

“But I don’t have time!”

Bullshit. There’s always enough time – it’s all in the planning and the tools you use. You can keep track of 50 even 100 blogs a day in less than 15 minutes if you know how to set up the information flow.

Learn how to use RSS

It is not complicated, it’s just like email and you can sync your workstation and your mobile device. Here’s a 3 minute video that explains it beautifully:

If you’d like to learn how to set it up efficiently and not get swamped in the information flow, reply to this email and book a session.

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