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So you’re Googling your business to see how well you’re doing and the results look pretty good; your home page is in the top 3 results and even a few of your articles have made it to the top 10.

Excellent, time to fire the SEO consultant and hire more staff.

Really? You’re that awesome?

Search engines show different results to different people; they’re now delivering what they think you’ll like, based on your search history and social media interactions.

If you have 2 minutes I thoroughly recommend this very visual explanation of what is going on:

Duck Duck Go

Ridiculous name, I know, but if you want to get a real idea of what you look like to most people this search engine doesn’t track your behavior or “filter” the results.

I’m not suggesting it becomes your default engine, but the next time you’re “looking” at yourself online, wouldn’t you rather see the truth?


Yes, it’s important. If you weren’t aware of how search worked, you can bet that the public aren’t. With Google holding 84% of all US searches and closer to 86% of the global market, they’re already “baking” their social network’s data into results.

As a local business owner you need to be on this; more on Google+ in the next few newsletters.

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