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I still speak to business owners who believe that if they can only get a big enough mailing list, they’ll be rich.  The last stats I heard were that the pill spammers were hitting a level of 1 purchase from every 12.5 million emails sent.  If you know a hosting company that will blindly send out 12.5 million emails with no questions asked – well – English probably isn’t your first language.

Kilted Chaos recommends that you only email customers that have chosen to give you their email address.  The idea of blasting your message to as many people as you can is absolutely short term and counter intuitive to growing your business.  E-mail is the best way you have to communicate your message to your customers.  E-mail is not a conversion tool – it is not a way of getting new customers – it is a way of keeping existing customers.  Once you wrap your head around that – everything is easy.

We strongly recommend that you use a 3rd party to manage your email campaigns.  Sure if you know what you’re doing, understand the implications of the CAN SPAM act and know how to throttle your server – go ahead.  We prefer to pay a few bucks to a company that will deliver our campaigns professionally on trusted servers and who handle   the whole sign up, subscribe, and unsubscribe malarkey.

Companies that we have worked with and can recommend are:

AWeber Constant Contact Emma Campaign Monitor

Of course, if you need help contact the Chaos team here.

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