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Er, did I tell you about Video?

Some Facts:

YouTube saw 45% growth in traffic year on year in December*

YouTube accounted for 25% of visits to all social sites in December*

YouTube is now the second largest search engine 

It’s about getting customers

You have a website because it’s the best way for a new customer to find you. You have a blog because it’s the best way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to that customer.

How you present your information has a huge impact on whether they choose to contact you and actually become a customer.

It’s about you

You use text to convey your ideas, you use images to enhance the delivery, but then – so does everybody else. To a new customer, your content looks exactly the same as your competition.

Video puts you – yes you – the business owner – in front of potential customers. By allowing your customers to see you and listen to you speak, it makes your information unique and infinitely more trustworthy.

It’s not about going viral

You’re not Rebecca Black – you run a business; stop thinking about video as just a tool to drive traffic and start thinking about it as a way to convert visitors into customers.

Video isn’t appropriate for every communication but used judiciously as part of an overall content strategy it can have a huge impact on your business.

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*UK market


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