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Facebook pages - do you really have the time?

I Don't!

In fact, this week, I hardly have any time at all, so I’m going to summarize a great recent article on why maybe you don’t want or need a Facebook business page:

1. People don’t really “like” your business – they’re after something

2. You can have all the Facebook fans and likes in the world, the vast majority of them will never come to your page

3. Unless you’re actively trying to develop a Facebook community you’re pretty much just talking to yourself

4. Having said that – it’s still a numbers game – the more likes you have, the more people you will reach

5. The tools that people use to drive their Facebook numbers are counterintuitive to creating a real community

Having said all that, if you are a natural at Facebook and you’re familiar with the platform as a user, then it can be a very successful channel. There are a few businesses on this list that do it very well, but they’re taking the time to work it.

Facebook will work for you if you actively build a community, but that takes time and effort and for most of you, it’s likely you can get a bigger bang for your buck elsewhere.

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Source: The Five Reasons Why Most Facebook Brand Pages Aren’t True Communities by Jessica Malnik

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