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Finding the perfect partner (Outreach 102)

Outreach 102

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In last week’s outreach 101 newsletter we talked about dating, well – we talked about guest blogging and how you go about getting your content on someone else’s website. Today we’re going to use a screen cast to show you how easy it is to find people willing to accept your content.

The Tech

We need to install a few plugins and change some settings to your browser – don’t be afraid – it is really simple. First off – if you’re not using Google’s chrome browser – go get it and install it. Chrome is much faster the Internet explorer and Firefox and comes with all these useful little plugins that make your life easier.

Once Chrome is installed go and install 2 plugins:

Search settings

Once you have those installed, you need to change some of the default search settings. So – search for something – anything just so you can arrive on the search results page – I searched for bananas. In the top right you see the settings icon – click on that – select search settings. Then select "Never show instant results" and then move the results per page up to 100.

Doing the search

There are lots of little tricks that you can use when searching – the one we’re going to deal with is to use a command that searches for the keyword we’re interested in – but also searches for keywords within a url. The logic here is that if websites want people to write for them – they’ll probably have a page called write for us – or words similar to that.

So – let’s say I’m an employment lawyer and I want to see who out there is accepting articles, here’s a few results – let’s say I work in Insurance – a lot more here – what aboutnon-profit – plenty here – look at this for real estate!

And you can play with the inurl text – some people have a guest blogger page – see here – if we swap write for us withguest blogger – we get additional sites.

The plugins

Once you have scraper installed – you can go to the first result on the page – hover over the title and right click – and choose to export this to google docs. You can then easily copy that and paste it into an excel spreadsheet..

Domain Authority

The final part of the puzzle is to rank the domains by Domain authority; the higher a site’s domain authority – the greater the value of the link that you get from it. The SEO moz toolbar is now showing information about that search result – including the Domain authority.

So – this is the only manual bit of the process – but just add a column to the spreadsheet – and then add each results DA. You can then sort the spreadsheet to display the highest domain authority first and voila – in less than 5 minutes you have a targeted list of people who actively want to hear from you, sorted by how effective each site is.

Easy wasn't it!

If you’d like some help setting this up for your business, reply to this email and book a session.


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