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Got nothing?

Those of you tracking KPIs are familiar with the relationship between content and traffic: when you add new content to your site – you get more visitors.

Writers block

Even if you use an editorial calendar, sometimes you wake up and the idea just won’t translate, the article won’t flow and you’re stuck. What to do?

It’s easier to lose a reader than it is to gain one

It’s mighty tempting to publish a sub-par mediocre piece – hey, at least you can say you hit your KPIs and did what you said you were going to do.

The problem with this is that every time you publish lame content, you lose authority – every time you disappoint your reader – they’re less likely to read you again.

Don’t publish crap

In a world chock full of content – I say better to not publish at all than to publish something half-assed.

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