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Habla Español? Parlez-vous Français?

I’m in the middle of translation gig for a forward thinking law firm in Los Angeles; they’re offering their entire site in Spanish, which got me thinking…

Are you in the Spanish speaking market?

There are over 50 million Spanish speakers in the US and it’s a growing population; if you’re in the Los Angeles area almost 40% of the population consider Spanish as their first language – that’s getting on for 5 million people!

Mandarin & French

If you do business in Louisiana, Maine even New Hampshire, you might want to consider a few pages in French. If you do a lot of business on the west coast you might want to present a page or two in Mandarin.

Amazing customer service

There is nothing more powerful than speaking to someone in their own language – particularly in a foreign country. The button on your home page that says “se habla español” is going to be immediately visible to a native speaker

10% of US searches are in Spanish

Sure you’re optimized for your keywords – in English – but what about Spanish? If I built your site, every page has a beautiful Meta title and description – but that’s invisible to over 10% of your potential customer base.

Don’t half-ass it

If you’re thinking of translating your site – don’t do it on the cheap – there’s nothing more amusing than reading someone’s poorly translated website; if you’re going to do it, get a professional – I can refer you to one. Likewise – if you don’t have anybody on the team who can speak Spanish then maybe this isn’t for you – there’s nothing worse than raising expectations and then disappointing a potential client.

If you think your business could benefit by offering a different language on your website, reply to this email and book a session.


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