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Hemingway, the text trap and one thousand words

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What have these sites all got in common?
  1. They've all seen astonishing growth in the last year
  2. They're driven by imagery

The text trap

If you think about your content strategy in terms of writing blog posts you're going to have a tough time of it.

Writing something every week, let alone every day is hard; I only know one person who does it well.

Show "and" tell

Even if you're familiar with the Iceberg theory and can write like Hemingway, why not literally show as well as tell?

If you sell physical product, hell even if you sell services, a great image can replace the need for up to three blog posts!

Technology makes it easy

Use your smart phone, capture appropriate imagery, send it to the right platform, have it pulled automatically onto your website.

In the 90 minutes it took me to figure out and structure this post, you could have published 18 times!

Make it happen

You'll need to spend a little thought and time setting the processes up and if you can't do it I can. Reply to this email and get your marketing going again.

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