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How and Why to Use Buffer


Buffer makes it super easy to share things out to your social networks, it also schedules them so they get posted at the most opportune time.  Oh, and it's free.


Here's how it works

This is a picture of my chrome browser and I want to share a blog post out to Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Look for the red A, B and C (click the picture for a larger version)



See that little stacked icon in the top right of the browser,  in-between the W and the scissors?  That's the Buffer widget.  It's free and installs into whatever browser you're using with a couple of clicks.

Next time you come across a web page that you think your network would enjoy reading - click the icon


On clicking the Buffer icon, this window pops up.  Here you can toggle which networks you want to send to - I'm pushing this out to Twitter, Facebook business page and Google+.

You can also edit the message - add text, remove text and there's a handy counter at the bottom that lets you know how many characters you've got left if you want to keep it inside Twitter's limit.


Here's the cool bit - you can choose to send now or you can, quite literally, "Buffer" it.  This means it goes into your queue and is sent out on a staggered basis (or to whatever schedule you choose to set up)

Easy huh?

If you'd like to incorporate using Buffer into a strategic digital marketing plan - email me or call on 310 980 2499.

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