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How to be a Marketing Rock Star!

Disclaimer: I'm working on the premise that a rock star is a musician not some dodgy egotist who wears their sunglasses indoors

If you want to get really good at music, the trick is to listen as much as you play. Sounds counterintuitive I know, but if you practice for 4 hours and then listen for 4 hours - you improve much faster than someone who practices for 8 hours straight.

Learn your content

Unless you're an artist, content creation is not your primary focus; doesn't matter if you're a plumber or an attorney, there's going to be an ongoing learning curve when it comes to marketing your business with content, so:

  • If you create videos - make time to watch the popular ones
  • If you publish a blog- make time to read other people's writing
  • If you post on social networks - make time to interact with others

Who are you listening to?

Well right now you're listening to me - but I only tell you how to get your message out; who are you listening to when it comes to the actual message?

Deciding who you are going to listen to can have as much impact on your business as deciding who you are going to market to.

Three major benefits of targeted listening

  1. You get better at producing content as you watch and learn from more experienced people
  2. The right sources will educate you about your business and give you a myriad of new ideas to write about
  3. You develop relationships with connected people who can share your message
It's the third point that is the kicker; it's through interacting with other people that you build a network that will share your message, and it's the sharing that puts your content at the top of the charts and turns you into a Rock Star!

If you'd like to emulate Bono's success but without the douchey eyewear, reply to this email and book a session.

Written while listening to Goodbye Ray - Instrumental Study Music

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