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I apologize for being late...

It's been a freaky time - my head hasn't really been in Simply Friday mode.

Of the 1,000+ Design, SEO & Marketing articles I normally read each week, I think I've probably seen about 10 - and none of those inspired any great insight. But it's OK 'cos there's a huge takeaway from all of this:

You and Me - we're not robots

We're human beings running a business and creating content around it so that people will choose us when they need our product or service.

If the content we create comes across as mechanical, as outsourced, as cold and impersonal, we lose the one huge advantage we have - our authenticity.

Personality is everything

The whole point of social media is that it occurs between people, between human beings.

The more of ourselves we put into our content, the more unique and different and interesting and just damn human our message becomes.

Big caveat!

I want to be really clear here - this is not about over-sharing; content still has to reflect your business. But by acknowledging that sometimes shit just happens, you can still build trust and often deepen the relationship you have with your audience.

If you'd like to get your content marketing rolling again, reply to this email and book a session - but maybe, perhaps, you could wait until next week ;-p

Written while listening to Riffing in 59 - Instrumental Study Music

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