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Images – where to source them – for free

If you just want the tool here it is:

But do remember to follow the conditions of the license!

Why use of imagery is changing

The arrival of the smart phone has meant that people are taking more photos than ever before; the thing is, with so much imagery out there – human beings are developing new filters and new expectations.

Images are design

In the same way that your website can no longer look cheap and amateurish, the imagery you use has to be compelling. A standard stock image is now likely to detract from your message rather than add to it.

Do it yourself

The creative commons gives you access to some of the most interesting imagery on the planet but it’s still only around 3% of the total image pool and search still sucks.

The most reliable way to source images for your business is to do it yourself; you’ve got a bloody good camera in that phone of yours – I’d suggest you start using it.


Don’t expect to become the next Alfred Eisenstaedt straight away, but get into the habit of regularly taking photos: of your home, your car, your kids, your dogs, even your food. Work out how to use your phone’s editing tools, how to crop, how to tweak for color, etc. These take 30 seconds to learn and will dramatically improve your results.

I promise you – if you put a little bit of time into this – even just 2 minutes a day - within a couple of months you’ll be able to produce your own imagery for your business. Think how much time and effort that will save you in the long run.

If you want a hand getting started – reply to this email and book a session.

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