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Inbound Marketing and The Piano Teacher

I’ve been thinking about how best to work with different clients and it struck me (a musician) that perhaps the best way to look at this whole process is like learning an instrument.

Play it, Sam…

If I was to sit you down at a Piano and ask you to play the Moonlight Sonata – most of you wouldn’t know where to start: You wouldn’t know what notes to play, you wouldn’t know how to hold your hands, you wouldn’t have the manual dexterity or muscle control and trying to get two hands moving separately at the same time – forget about it!

Do it yourself

You could go online and sign up for those “Teach by Video” courses and in fact that would be a great place to start. You could familiarize yourself with the basics, learn some rudimentary scales and actually get pretty close.

The only thing is that you have no idea if you’re developing those horrible bad habits: incorrect fingering, bad posture, avoidance of the “difficult” things that ultimately stunt your development and limit your ability. Plus, you’re going to come up against challenges that are unique to your ability and development, who do you ask about your specific situation?

There’s so much to learn

What happens when you want to learn something less obvious like The Blues, what about Jazz, how about learning to accompany a singer, how to play in a band, how do you start writing and creating your own music? What about tools and best practices, how often should you practice, what instrument should you buy, what technology exists to make it easier?

Why a Teacher?

The point of a Piano Teacher is that they are there to guide you through to where you want to be – they work with you to ensure you are the best you can be with the time and resources you have available. You develop a plan together, go off and practice on your own and then meet back every week or so to measure progress and make tweaks and changes to the process.

I could go on hammering the analogy but I think you get the point! If you want to learn the Moonlight Sonata, don’t reply to this email (well – you could but I’m not taking on music students at this time) however, if you’re looking to get your business growing again – you know what to do.


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