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It's about creativity - your creativity

 For most of you reading this I'm betting the thing that makes your business successful, that wins you cases or delights your clients - is creativity.

Essay writing music from Jody Bateman Johnston

Sure - you've got to know the rules: lawyers get better with practice, experienced buyers can spot a trend a mile away and therapists & healers get more intuitive after a hundred sessions, the thing is - knowing how the system works is only half the battle.  

If you build it will they really come?

Someone like me can show you how to market yourself online - we can architect the platform and build it around you, we can show you how to use it, give you tools and insights and teach you how to be most effective, but at the end of the day - it comes down to you.

  • What have you got to say?
  • How are you going to say it?
  • With what?

Creating your unique message

Human beings love creativity, we experience it as newness, as uniqueness, as something intriguing and generally pleasing, it can be many things and we know it when we see it.

It doesn't matter if it's an image, an article, a banner on La Cienega or a tweet - the more creative you are - the more powerful and resonant your message.

Being creative is fun!

The really fun part of my job is when everything is built and we're executing the content strategy.  Coming up with ideas, challenging established practices, looking at things differently, working collaboratively to bring something unique to what is essentially the same message:

"Here I am - buy from me!"

If you're stuck in a rut and ready to have some fun with your marketing - get in touch here.


Written while listening to - Essay Writing Music - Getting Back Together

The Image above

P.S.  Remember that as an Executive you don't always have to execute your creative vision yourself.  For my current music2work2 playlist I wanted a unique image that portrayed the ideas of flow and writing, that targeted a student population that skewed female and the image needed space to be easily branded.   The artist Jody Bateman Johnston has a unique style and she takes commissions - I couldn't be happier!

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