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Kaizen for digital marketing



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That is of course Japanese for Good Morning – and I’m speaking Japanese because today we’re going to look at the philosophy of Kaizen or continuous improvement.

Although it grew out of the industrialized manufacturing and engineering businesses, it is a perfect philosophy to apply to your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing – it’s like building a car!

Digital marketing is a complex function and there are many separate elements that go into implementing a successful strategy:

  • There are the channels you use to communicate on: Your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc
  • There’s the actual content your produce, your blog posts, your tweets, your video updates,
  • There’s the nature of that content – what are you actually saying and who are you saying it for
  • There’s the effort to increase the reach of your content – growing your followers, establishing outreach strategies and so on
  • Finally, there’s the design of your footprint – is your website converting in the way it needs to

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

At the end of the day – all this activity should lead to an increase in business but when the sales and clients aren’t coming, it’s tempting to think that well, Digital Marketing doesn’t work, but that’s like Toyota not building a car just because one area of the line isn’t set up correctly.

The underlying behavior that drives the success of Kaizen is measurement; for each part of the operation they standardize the process, measure how long it takes and how much it costs and then they work to improve that measurement.


You can apply exactly the same principals to your digital marketing; the trick is to know how to measure each element. If you’re working with me - you already have a set of Key Performance Indicators or (KPIs.) This is a document that measures all aspects of your digital marketing; after a few months of compiling it you start to see exactly where you need to focus your energy and you see the effectiveness of your efforts.

If you are not measuring what you are doing you won’t know what isn’t working and what you need to change.

If you’re struggling with your KPI document or you’d like some help setting one up, reply to this email and book a session.

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