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Key Performance Indicators

No Measurement

No Management!

No matter how good your gut feel is, you can’t beat the cold hard truth that a well put together KPI document can deliver.

It’s about trends

Looking at a snapshot is pretty meaningless – data tells its true story through time. The sooner you start tracking this information the sooner you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

It’s about cost per acquisition

Every marketing KPI document should start with the amount of money coming into your business and then be followed by how much you are spending on consultants & SEO. The end goal is to identify which activities actually improve your bottom line.

It’s about goals

The act of setting a performance target forces you to identify an accompanying behavior; it changes the conversation from what to how and is a critical part of your strategy.

It’s about behaviors

The purpose of putting content “out there” is so that people interact with it; there’s no point in having 1,000 Twitter followers if none of them amplify your message. Yes we track the size of your “footprint” but it really is about what people do with it than how big it is!


Click on the image to view and download the PDF. Note that every business is unique and has different priorities; your KPIs may focus on other metrics.

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