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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

That’s it for Simply Friday 2012; we’re wrapping up today and leaving for Scotland tonight!

If this year was about making plans and getting them in place, 2013 is going to be all about execution. 

The explosion of tablets, the dominance of smart phones and the rise of mobile, the acceptance of Facebook, Twitter and god knows what other platforms means that 2013 will be the most exciting and accessible year yet as far as digital marketing goes.

There will be new players, new tools and new best practices when it comes to marketing your business.  I’ll continue to publish this weekly missive in order to share some insight and hopefully bring a little humor and amusement along the way.

The first newsletter of the year will come out on Thursday 10th of January, but if you need some homework before then – here’s a great article from SEOMOZ on how to really get your Facebook page going.

I wish you and your family a fabulous holiday season and hope you get to take a break before the New Year arrives, until then,


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