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Monsters Are Not Myths Kill Valentine's Day Lameness

Monsters Are Not Myths are at it again – our favorite San Fran Indie band are spreading the love this Valentine’s day with more personalized songs for that special person in your life.  From their website:

Monsters are not Myths, beloved Bay Area band and all-around funny people, will call your loved one or crush and sing them a customized song for FREE! (plus, we'll even send you a mp3 of the call)

We don't sign you up for any mailing lists or try to sell you things...all we'll do is ask that you check out our music.

Check them out performing calls on Mother's Day:

In a world full of lameness how cool is this?

We wrote a while back about Tim Halperin who was running a competition along similar lines but we have to hand it to MANM who’ve been doing this approach for a while, and unlike Tim you can contact MANM right now and still give your main squeeze something unique this year.

They have a simple sign up form that asks a few questions so that they can personalize the song – and if you’re digging the service – why not drop them a small donation – you don’t have to but hell – isn’t this worth more than hallmark card and sad looking stuffed puppy you were thinking of? Here's a little more MANM for you:


Finally – if you dig MANM – you should enter the#FREECHAOS website and hosting competition for them – or for any band that you dig – free site, free hosting and free ecommerce! – Wow – that’s a Valentine’s gift any band would be happy with.

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