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My SEO is crap but I'm busier than ever

That's what the local San Fernando Valley artisan laughed as I gave him my money. 


I was looking for a local skilled professional and knew that if I used Google I'd just get sponsored results and the big chains.  So I used Yelp and searched around my zip code and read the reviews.

This behavior is going to become more and more common - and yes - there are pros and cons of the whole review thing and no you shouldn't stop adding content and improving your website's search engine visibility, but...

Getting customers to help you

The most powerful thing a customer can do for you - aside from give you money - is to write positively about you on the internet - and the most dominant place for that is Yelp with Foursquare making a strong play for second place.

Make it part of your plan

As part of your marketing plan for 2014 (you are writing one of those yes?,)  you might want to allocate more time to those two networks. 

If you've got no idea where to start or would just like to be efficient and not waste time making rookie mistakes, email me or give me a call on 310 980 2499 and we'll have a chat.

Image Credit: SEO by Sean McEntee on Flickr

Written while listening to "God Knows" - published next week on music2work2

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