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If you went to the trouble & expense of setting up your website and digital marketing around a content model & you’re too busy to write anything, then you basically threw your money away.

A static site may bring you a few clients who find you by luck but are they the kind of clients you want?

Time vs. Money vs. Expertise

Compelling content costs you either time or money; do it yourself when you’re rushing and you’ll produce crap, hire someone for minimum wage and they’ll produce crap.

Crap content doesn’t drive business.

Manage don’t do

Having someone whose core competency is writing not only ensures that content is added to your digital footprint, but that the content itself is compelling and more likely to be shared.

We recently put a freelance writer into a client and the difference was astonishing; traffic to the website increased significantly and sales went up, not only that but the owner now has more time for strategic planning, continuing the virtuous cycle.

How much does it cost?

Budget between $50 and $100 a post, of course it is different for every business & you might pay more or less depending on what you want but this is a good ballpark.

If you’d like to remove the headache that is content production, reply to this email and book a session.

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