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Today's It's Friday is by Nicole Paulus from Nico New Media:


Just like buying a guitar off Craigslist doesn't make you a rock-star, knowing the alphabet doesn't make you a great writer. If writing isn't a strength of yours, then stop haphazardly handling your content.

Your content represents your brand and your brand brings home the bacon.

You like bacon, don't you?

A Writer

In elementary school, I used to come home and "grade" my days in my Tweety Bird diary.

As I approached my teen years, I traded that in for a more sophisticated "journal." It was there that I divulged my crush of the week as well as invented my own code to conceal my deepest thoughts from any intruders, (aka my older sister.)

Writing was the way I made sense of my own world. It wasn't until I was an adult, however, that I realized I had the power to help others make sense of complex ideas, thoughts and processes via easily digestible sentences and colorful word choice.

Writing was and still is my passion.

Make Your Life Easier

Outsourcing content strategy and execution will not only enrich your brand's content, but it will free up more time for you to do the things you're actually good at, like running your business and buying cart loads of bacon.

Mmm, bacon.

Examples of Nicole's work:


Andrew's note:
I've worked with Nicole on a number of projects and am very happy to recommend her to this list,  You can reach her at or just reply to this email.


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