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Sorry kids, size matters!

Oh sure, you've got to know how to use whatever god gave you, but when you're dealing with human beings - bigger is often better.

The big picture

An online auction site recently increased the size of their product images on the page by 30%, and in doing so ended up pushing some of their written content below the fold (and as you probably knew, on many sites fewer than 20% of people bother to scroll down!)

So - what happened?
  • 63% increase in visitors bidding
  • 329% increase in registrations

Pushing the right button

See the image below - the text and product image is the same on both pages but the right hand one has that huge full width call to action button.

So what happened?
  • 135% increase in clickthroughs with the bigger button
  • 51% higher earnings per click with the bigger button

So what?

Of course there's no guarantee that these results can be replicated on your site with your business but they're certainly worth investigating.

Websites are not genetically pre-determined, and unlike us humans (Beverly Hills wives aside) they should be continually improved and tested against the latest data

If you'd like to give your website a spring clean and get a bigger bang from your current buck, reply to this email and book a session.


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