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Sweet release from social media marketing

 I know...

...every week it's another bloody thing you have to learn about, work out how to use and then incorporate into your already overflowing ops plan.  Well rejoice - because today we're going the other way!

I've been researching and chatting with ex Google & YouTube employees and looking at how they use social media to market their new businesses.  The big takeaway is that narrow and deep beats out shallow and wide every time when it comes to making money.

Do this

Pick one, possibly two networks and stick with them - forget the others until you've generated enough resources to manage them effectively.

And if you asked me which two networks to go with - I'd probably say Google+ and Pinterest (with Twitter ever present but more as a broadcast medium.)

If you'd like to know how those networks could work for your business, email me, call me on 310 980 2499 or hell - you could even send me a tweet!


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