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The Best (and worst) Newsletters of 2014


I started this newsletter on Thursday 18th August, 2011.  Sent to the client list from my former web building company, it was an explanation of how Google works and had an opening rate of 35%.

  • In 2012 I sent out 44 newsletters and had grown the opening rate to 43%
  • 2013 saw another 44 newsletters and the opening rate moved up to 54%
  • This year I will send out 47 newsletters and the opening rate is averaging just above 58%

Even though the data indicates that I'm getting better at this, there are still the outliers that shed light on what resonated with you and what didn't - and they're always fun to look at!

The Best of 2014

Why your data is like a fine wine
Opening rate of 70%
September 4th

I liked this one - short and sweet it made the point that the longer you track your data, the more sense they make - check it out here.

The Worst of 2014

Just how scary is your website?
Opening rate of 48%
November 6th

Sent after the Halloween holiday and intended to  make the point about the importance of mobile, not only was it a little late - it didn't give you any indication of what was inside - it was fun though!

Subject line takeaways for 2014

What's been super interesting for me this year is the use of "How" in the subject line.  When I use it to explain how something works the opening rate goes down.  When I use it to explain "How not" to do something - the opening rate goes up.

I'm not quite sure what that means - I suspect that with limited time, it's easier to learn what to avoid than it is to have to learn something new.  Hmmmm - I might play with that next year.

More newsletter analysis next week!


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