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The Content Marketing Myth


I like this image - it sums up a lot of conversations I'm currently having with clients.


Some questions for you:

What are you doing to ensure you can consistently repeat steps 1 and 2?  Are you allocating enough time in your calendar or resource in your budget?

Also, if it takes several interactions with new clients before they think of purchasing, does your digital footprint make it easy for them to hear from you?

And, how do you get new visitors to choose to listen to you?  Should the front page of your website promote your product or should it promote your mailing list?

Do something

These are the types of questions you should be obsessing over and acting on.  Every business is different but you all have one thing in common - the ability to try different things and track the results.

If you'd like help answering these questions email me or call on 310 980 2499 and lets chat.

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