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The Physics - it's all wrong!

That's the thing about internet marketing in 2013 - it's all upside down.

Remember this:

It's easier to hit a big target

A pretty basic fact of life & one we all grew up with and yet, in this world, it's wrong.

Communicate to too broad of an audience and your message gets lost in a sea of irrelevant spam.

It's easier to hit a small target

There's the story of the Facebook engineer who created an ad for her husband's birthday; because she knew so much about him, she was able to make it appear on his page alone - enabling her to use some rather racy and "resonant" language.

Less is most definitely more

By focusing on the few instead of the many you not only improve your message, you can prioritize which communities and networks to focus on.

In today's world, a new satisfied customer with a smart phone and a social media account can do more to market your business than you can.

Of course this approach requires some fore-thought, a strategy, some tactics - hell - that almost sounds like a plan. If you'd like some help developing one for your business, reply to this email and book a session.

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