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The Truth About Creating Content

You're not creating "content"  you're marketing your business.


This is a really huge thing to wrap your head around!

Here's why:

Content for content's sake sucks!

Seriously - if I read another blog post titled "5 ways to market your  blog with content" that starts with the admonition "you must create quality content" - I'm going to scream.

Scratch that - I'm already screaming!

The thing is - these kind of posts all start with that because the majority of content published, particularly from small businesses,  is crap.

Creating good content is really hard

I teach digital marketing for a living, so you'd think I'd be pretty good at this content thing, but reflect on this for a minute:

  • It took me 52 weeks to develop the habit of writing a "good" newsletter.
  • It took me another 52 weeks to get some traction and win my first "random" client
  • 3 years in, my business is now growing and it is 100% down to two things:
    1. my ability to execute
    2. my weekly newsletter

Content marketing is a life changing practice.

If you're going to market your business effectively you have to make creating content a part of your life - as entrenched as your month-end invoices.

It needs to be scheduled then fought against and hated and dreaded - until it becomes habit - until it becomes second nature - until you're sitting on a Tuesday night jotting down ideas because you know when you put them out into the world they are going to grow your business.

The truth

If you are a smart, creative, small business owner - there has NEVER been a better time for you to market your business - just don't kid yourself that it'll be quick and easy.

Pick a strategy, keep your head down, get good at it and then thank yourself in a few years time!

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