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We Can Train You - Can You Train Yourself?

Sure – there’s no point in having a Ferrari if you can’t drive stick – but imagine owning one of these classic race cars and having the skills of Mario Andretti...

and then completely ignoring it!

This is the trap that the majority of business owners fall into when they start a content marketing strategy.

“Bike-Riding” Information

Content marketing isn’t terribly difficult to learn – it’s like riding a bike – once you know how to do it you can’t really forget.  Yes you should title your content properly and add the right tags but really, it is more about what you produce than what you do with it.  The trick with content marketing is to create something that your customers are going to love:  is it unique, is it relevant and interesting, does it solve a customer’s problem, is it funny or accessible – is it worth creating?

Technology Makes Learning Easy

Do you remember the first time you used a word processor?  Probably not – neither do we – but we’re sure it looked pretty complicated until we got used to it.  We find that most clients like to learn visually in that, they like to look at the screens and ask questions – Skype is the perfect tool for this.  You can be a continent away and we can share the same screen and talk about which bits do what and how they work.

We back up these Skype sessions by making quick 5 minute screen casts specifically for your business that you can refer to if you do forget something.

The Number 1 Lesson We Have Learned

Everybody understands the power of content marketing, everybody starts out with good intentions but the vast majority of people fail to keep up their content marketing strategy because….

Nobody has the time.

Life Coach?

We can give you the knowledge you need to implement an effective content marketing strategy, we can quickly train you on how to use the tools to publish and distribute your content, yet unless you commit to it and in doing so, change your behavior during the working week, then you will fail.

We’re not recommending that you go out and hire the nearest Life Coach, what we’re saying is that, as part of your training, you have to look beyond taking on new skills and at how you will train yourself to use them.  That is the key to content marketing success.

Image Credit: Ferrari F430 in Madrid, HDR by markp_dmoz on Flickr

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