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Welcome to your nightmare

...You wake up and it's 2015, your closest competitor has a website with 100 posts that describe your business.

They have a visible presence on social platforms and have earned a reputation for being the "go to" person in your area of expertise.

If you search for your business on Google or Bing, it's her you find...

I know...

Having run this consultancy for the last two years I know how difficult it is for a small business to actually execute on a content strategy; planning is easy but the doing - clearly this is hard.

Bloody blogging!

This is the printing press all over again, it's radio, it's TV, it's Internet banner ads - it's the next wave in business marketing and you're either on-board with it and learning how to do it or you will lose out to someone who's hungrier than you are.

Learn to do it right

Not everyone is a natural creator, let alone writer or videographer, there's a learning curve attached to content marketing that reflects the medium you're working with. It's not rocket science but if you're doing it wrong, you're wasting your time and energy.

How to work with me

Half of what I do is just create time in an executive's calendar where they're forced to look at this aspect of their business; the successful ones use that time slot as an anchor for their activity.

I often feel like a school teacher when they apologize for not getting their work in on time but really, it's not me they should be apologizing to.

If you'd like to get serious about your future and stop the nightmare becoming a reality, reply to this email and book several sessions!

Written while listening to Frustration 2 - Solo Piano - Instrumental Study Music


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