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What time is it?

For about half of you it’s around 9:30 in the morning on Thursday, for some it’s midday and for a few of you it’s actually Friday morning. I know this because my newsletter program tracks opening rates and there is a huge relationship between when I send the newsletter and how many people open it.

Business to Business

As a consultant, I work in the B2B market – my clients are all budget or business owners and are likely in their offices behind their desks on a Thursday morning. Industry stats say that this is the best time to reach you; it isn’t the madness of Monday or the recovery of Tuesday – Wednesday AM is also a good time but I prefer Thursday because it works with the brand.

Business to Consumer

If your clients are consumers rather than businesses – what’s the best time for you to send out your newsletter? Recent studies indicate that sending your newsletter out over the weekend or in the evenings has resulted in much higher opening rates.

Smart phones and tablets

Consumer behavior is changing, rapidly. I reckon most of you reading this have sat in front of the television in the evening while you check email on an iPad or your phone. What this means is that consumers are no longer tied to their office machines to communicate and read email – which creates an opportunity for you the business owner.

What’s the best time for you?

If you’re in the B2C market – start experimenting with your delivery times - don’t go mad and change it every week, but try a month with an evening or weekend delivery and see what happens; you could be pleasantly surprised.

If you still haven’t got your client newsletter going, you really need to reply to this email and book a session.

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