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Things rarely go to plan

Often time there’s nothing you can do about it; someone gets sick or starts acting irrationally, unexpected costs appear, new laws come on the books, that kind of thing, but other times, it’s your fault; you get ill, you get it wrong, you misjudge the task at hand or even worse, have no idea how to deal with it.

How good is your network?

When the shit hits the fan, that’s when you need good people – the operative word here is PEOPLE. You can have all the Twitter followers in the world and Facebook friends up the wazoo, but when you need help, you’d better have a network of people you trust who will do what they say they can do.

What’s the priority?

Are you focusing on Tax right now, maybe dealing with business insurance, are you under attack and need help, or a different kind of help, does your brand need work or maybejust your writing?

Most of the people reading this list run their own businesses, we all know there’s never enough time or energy in the day to do everything. How you choose to spend your time and who you spend it with directly affects your bottom line.

I’m on your team

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