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Why Design is important...

Why Design is important

94% of people online make their

mind up about you before

they’ve even read a word

It's the 21st century

This is the most competitive time on the planet, ever. There are more Attorneys, more Realtors, more Financial Advisors, more Consultants than there have ever been before, and we’re all adding information to the internet to reach new customers.

The Internet is a visual medium

People form an impression of your business in less than 50 milliseconds. They’re not thinking about what you’ve written, in fact they’re not really thinking at all. They’re making an involuntary subjective assessment based on space, navigation, imagery, colors, font size etc. This isn’t just true for your website’s front page, it’s true for your blog posts, your Facebook page, and even the short bio you have across professional networks.

Design saves time

With so much content to read and research, human beings are giving design a far greater weight in determining value than ever before. That first impression colors every subsequent decision they make about your information. You could be Mark Twain but if your content doesn’t look “right” there is a disconnect; at best people won’t believe you, at worst they won’t read you

They're thinking...

“If you can’t present your message in a modern and professional manner, then how good can your actual product be?“

Think about that for a moment.

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