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Why Digital Marketing Takes So Bloody Long!


I've got a new site launching this week - check it out:


Guess how long it took from first meeting to today?

5 months.

5 months!

I know - crazy right - for a 10 page website!

Where the time went

June was spent establishing what it was we were going to create and why, July was all about defining the look and feel.  August and September focused on words and images and booking photographers and caricaturists. 

The last few weeks have been spent putting it all together and we've still got to launch the blog!

Total time spent

Total hours so far on the gig are just over 35 - so technically speaking, yes - we could have done it in a week - but that's the point.

Digital marketing isn't your business, it is an adjunct to your core activity and as a result will always take longer than you think it will.

It's not a race!

Digital marketing is not about who gets there first - it is about who does it best - consistently - over time. 

Incorporate it into your weekly operation, say a couple of hours a week, and you'll develop a habit that will grow your business into the future.

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