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Why you do Content Marketing and why it's so hard

I don’t know about you but purchasing stuff that costs more than $100 or so tends to freak me out.

It’s a complex world

Whether it’s wondering if the mechanic is stiffing me for a new starter motor or if one attorney’s better than another – I just don’t know – and because I don’t know, I don’t feel terribly good about buying their services.

Educate your customers

The purpose of adding content to your digital footprint is to educate your customers – to teach them what the variables are in your business and to demonstrate why your firm is better.

That’s it. This isn’t rocket science.

The more a potential customer knows about how your world works, the more confident they are in making a decision. If you are the firm educating them, you’re going to get viewed more favorably than the competition.

Why it’s so bloody difficult

Incorporating the requirement to produce and publish a new article every week is hard – I know – I practice what I preach.

Content is at the heart of everything in the digital marketing world – it is what gets shared, it is what raises your profile and visibility, it is what drives your “SEO” and ultimately your bottom line.

Content marketing requires behavioral change from you and your team, and that is the hardest thing of all to accomplish.

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