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Why you should be looking at Squarespace

Squarespace is a way to build your website.

It's better than WordPress - here's why:

It looks awesome - anywhere

Desktops, laptops, tablets, minis, phones and now watches; they're all different shapes and sizes.

Squarespace recognizes what platform is viewing and serves an optimal version of your site. It does this automatically by clever use of image management and responsive coding.

It gets you found

The result of people using these mobile devices is that search engines are giving a greater weighting to location.

Squarespace allows you to easily geo-tag your imagery and posts, making you more visible to mobile searches while building your local digital footprint.

It's easy to use

WordPress has a lot of options but it can get a bit "technical."

The Squarespace backend is brilliantly designed to make it easy for anybody to deliver great looking content with excellent SEO

It's quick

The new Simply Friday website was built in Squarespace, it took me a couple of hours.

Interested to know more?

Reply to this email and find out if Squarespace would be a good solution for your business.

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