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Why you should love your Ed. Cal

Don't know what an Ed.Cal is?

Read this: Editorial Calendar

There are two components to effective content marketing and you have to do both:

1/ Taking care of the basics

This includes:

  • Making sure your website looks good & reflects your business goals
  • Learning how to write for the web
  • Developing the habit of actually marketing your business every week
  • Creating KPIs and developing the habit of looking at them every week
Most people on this list know the basic steps, some of you are actually doing a few of them and a few of you are actually doing most of them; guess whose businesses are growing?

2/ Getting customers

Yes there is a direct relationship between how much content you publish and how much traffic comes to your website, but depending on pure organic growth can take years.

The fastest way to grow your traffic and therefore your clients and customers, is to get your brand – your name – your presence – in front of someone else’s traffic.

There are lots of ways to do this.

The Ed.Cal – it’s a thing of beauty

The editorial calendar is the document that controls how you execute all the above:

  • It makes you think of the future and plan for it
  • It maps out your writing schedule and cures writer’s block
  • It helps you to promote the right product to the right customer
  • It co-ordinates your different marketing activities
  • It helps you develop relationships with other websites and businesses
All this from one little excel spreadsheet; how could you not love it?

If you’ve fallen out of love with your Ed. Cal, or if you never had one in the first place (god forbid!) then reply to this email and book a session.

Hat tip to @HollyTHawkins for the title!


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