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Why your business failed with social media

If you want the 7 point plan that the guys over at propose – you can check it out here. I’m just going to comment on the three biggies:

1. Social Media – it’s not just for Christmas

Just as you wouldn’t give a kid a pet as a gift – all nice, new and cute until it needs training and cleaning up after – social media marketing is for life.

I was looking at the stats of a client who stopped writing a while back; they had 1,000 less visitors to their site in quarter 2 than they did in quarter 1. For a small business – that’s pretty significant.

2. It’s about engagement

I’m watching another client who is doing a great job of stimulating discussion and interaction. They’re writing provocative and media current articles, distributing them across their footprint and then driving the ensuing discussion back on to their website.

The trick here is that every comment or interaction is responded to and it’s the responses that drive further interaction. The more interaction you have on your site, the more visible you are and it all becomes a wonderful virtuous circle.

3. It’s about expert content

Good content is hard, but it shouldn’t be if you’re good at your job and knowledgeable about your industry. If you don’t have an opinion or feel strongly about certain things in your business, then you’re no different from the competition, so why should anyone choose you?

It doesn’t matter what your business is – if you’re selling a service or a physical product – people will ultimately need to make a decision whether to give you their time and money. It is your expert content that facilitates this decision.

It’s not rocket science

Understanding all this isn’t hard, hell, actually doing it isn’t hard – maintaining a presence over time and committing to it – that’s what’s difficult.

The social media examiner article is a good one – you should read it.

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