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Why your opinion matters

Your clients and customers don’t really understand your products and services – hell; mine don’t either – which is why I write this newsletter and why you’ve adopted a content strategy.


By educating people about your business you enable them to make better decisions and in doing so, improve your authority and the likelihood that when they’re ready to buy, they’ll buy from you.


The last time you bought a computer you probably considered things like: price, processor speed, battery life, memory, screen size, color, etc, etc. The spec list helped you narrow down your search, but I bet you asked someone’s opinion about which one you should ultimately get.

And I bet you gave people’s opinions different weighting when making your decision.


Anybody can write an educational article but only experts have legitimate opinions. The most compelling content is often a unique perspective, derived from someone’s experience in the market.


It is your opinion about your business, your products and services that differentiate your content from the competition. While there will always be a need for education, make sure you inject your opinion and personality, it is what people will remember you for.

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