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Winter's coming - what your brand needs to do to survive

There's going to be another explosion in online content, driven by video that will make the text of the blogging revolution look like a drop in the ocean.

If you haven't got your brand sorted out, you're going to get lost, you'll probably drown.

Purification first

Before you do anything, before you choose a name, a tag line, a logo, a word mark, a font, a color, a website, a voice, a publishing cycle, a level of interaction, anything - you need to work out who and what you are - who and what your brand represents.

The hard work

Where does the brand come from, who wills it into existence, what does it stand for, what does it hope to achieve, what difference does it make, how is it unique, why should anybody care, where is it right now, where is it going, what does it believe in, what does it reject, who will it interact with, how will it do that, how will it communicate its values, what platforms will it be present and visible on?

Finally execution

You have to take all of those answers and represent them in a way so that a visitor to any part of your digital footprint "gets it," immediately, without having to read a word.

Start training now

Most small businesses don't do this but you can. If you'd like to not only survive, but thrive in the impending onslaught, reply to this email and we'll get you started.

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