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WTF are Personas?

Personas are fictional versions of your ideal customers.

They are produced by analyzing your product range and identifying which human beings use which product.

Most companies will typically have around 8 to 10 personas.

Why you need them

You can’t use generic messaging anymore. Try to speak to too many people at the same time and by necessity you write for the lowest common denominator. The result is that your message reads like boring marketing bullshit.

Better to resonate with one than none

It is really hard for people over 40 to get this point. Our entire experience has been shaped by marketing through push channels: Radio, TV, Billboards, and the early Internet.

Marketing is now about pull – it is about putting the right language in front of the right customer and motivating them to pull it into their network.

It's about language

If you don’t know who your customers are, what they like, where they live, their aspirations, what they need and why your service affects them, then, what are you going to say?

That you're great? That you're the best? Do you really think they'll believe you? If you're not writing directly to them, using stories and language that they can relate to, why should they care?

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