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WTF is tl;dr?


  • means "too long; didn't read"
  • strangers won't read long form content
  • mark up your content; make it easy to read
  • call me and I'll teach you how to do it

Are you familiar with the expression tl;dr?

You'll find it in response to a lengthy missive or sometimes at the top of a long blog post. It stands for:

Too long; didn't read

and it's becoming more prevalent

Read me goddammit!

Until you develop a regular audience, you have to earn the right to be read.

A potential customer doesn't know whether you're worth investing the time to read a long post and if all you're offering is a long page of text - they'll move on to something more manageable to digest.

Make it easy

Good online writers are breaking their posts into bite size paragraphs with compelling sub-titles and now, for longer posts, some are even adding a short summary at the top.

See example at the top of this email.

If you'd like to get a jumpstart on your competition - reply to this email and book a session.

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