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You don't know what you don't know about Facebook

Here's what I have learned from watching clients on Facebook over the last couple of years:

1/ It takes waaaaay longer than you think to build an audience

2/ What you think is going to work doesn't

3/ It takes the act of doing and failing at it for a significant amount of time to find the unique "thing" that is going to work for your personality and your business.

4/ When you find that "thing" it suddenly gets a lot easier and more cost effective

Arthurian analogy

I'm not talking about Ads here - I'm talking about that panacea of social media marketing - the idea that you can promote your business for free just by having a Facebook page.

If you still believe that I have a grail you might be interested in.

So what can / should you do?

There's no doubt that the ones that stuck at Facebook are now beginning to see a return, the question is was it worth it? 

With limited resource you have to weigh up what is going to give your business the best bang for the buck.  Most clients I work with will see a greater return from an email newsletter than Facebook, but then, you're not most clients.

Do something

Digital marketing is not just the future, it is the now - if you're not building ways to speak to your new customers and developing relationships with your existing ones, you're an easy target for the competition.

If you can spare an hour a week, hell even 30 minutes, you can start building something that over time will eventually support and sustain your business.

Contact me: [email protected] and I'll show you how to get started. 

Written while listening to: Sanity | July 2013 | Music to create flow

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