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You have to do this, before you can do this

I love this visual from Russell Davies.


There are so many takeaways but I'm going to highlight just one.

When it comes to digital marketing we all look at the bigger companies in order to learn from them.  I mean it makes sense right -  "amateurs borrow - professionals steal" and all that?

The internet can make us look huge and bigger than we actually are, but here's the thing - don't model yourself on the best player in the field if you don't have their story.

The days of copying the rich guys and hoping that the public won't notice are dead and gone.

People expect you to be able to present yourself professionally online, that's now a given, but what they're really looking for is authenticity - and that - for you and your business - looks like nothing else on the planet.

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Written while listening to: July 20th Development  - music2work2

Image Credit: Russel Davies



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