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You reach for it 150 times a day....

Every year KPCB partner Mary Meeker releases her "State of the Internet" report. If you're interested in how the internet is changing the planet, from healthcare to immigration to geopolitics (and come on - who isn't?!) you should give it a scan (link here.)

Here are a few data points:

  • Smart phones account for 58% of mobile users in the US and growing at 28% year on year
  • Tablets (iPads etc) have exploded out of the block and now surpass sales of PCs and notebooks
  • Mobile web access is surpassing PC access in places like China and Korea
  • 45% of all transactions on Groupon were made with a mobile device
  • Facebook mobile ad revenue will soon exceed PC ad revenue
  • More than 500 million photos are uploaded and shared every day
  • 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE
  • and that thing you reach for 150 times a day - yep - it's your smart phone

What does this mean for you?

It means you now need to allocate more resource to mobile than ever before:

  • What percentage of your visitors come from mobile?
  • how does your website look on a smart phone or tablet?
  • where do you show up in local search?
  • what images and video are there of you and your business?
Oh yeah and add this to the need to produce a solid blog post every week, to spend time on Twitter and Facebook, to shoot images and upload them to Instagram and Pinterest and write your newsletter, and, and, and....

You need a plan

You need a plan, an Ariadne thread for your internet marketing; you need a series of objectives that you can tackle in bite size chunks, one or two a month with a clear vision of where you're going and why.

If you don't currently have a plan, reply to this email and book a session.

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